DoodleMaths provides an individual work program for each student to work on – ideally for a few minutes every day. DoodleMaths supplements and enhances a child’s usual maths provision.

Simply by working alongside (rather than replacing) any element of the teaching-cycle, it is guaranteed to raise standards. It encompasses everything you’d expect from traditional web-based maths resources (quality content, motivational features, parent/teacher dashboard) with the best features of apps (quick to start, portable, intuitive, messaging, safe). But in addition, DoodleMaths is truly adaptive: it produces an ongoing work-program tailored to each individual child’s requirements. Children love it and can use it as much as they like – a few minutes per day is encouraged and is realistic since the app is so easy to open and use.

Our product is attractive to parents (as an alternative to tuition or curriculum-content websites due to its ease of use), and increasingly to schools as tablets (and apps) are adopted and their use is integrated into the classroom. The app is backed with a parent/teacher dashboard which clearly demonstrates the (significant) improvements a child is making.

“This app has really helped my son get involved with Maths. He doesn’t participate well at school and is too intimidated to ask if he doesn’t understand at school, this app has helped him stay up with his peers and not be labelled at school just because he learns in a different way.”

DoodleMaths (4+)

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The ideal companion for the younger children. Helping them on their way to a solid understanding.

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DoodleMaths (7+)

DoodleMaths (Primary Maths)

It is the only app which can claim to personalise its programme, which is why it is consistently the top-grossing primary maths app in the UK.

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DoodleMaths (11+)

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An extension of the popular primary version, the app contains over 8000 individually written questions, and 300 topic explanations designed to provide a personal program of study for any child working up to a Grade C at GCSE.

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DoodleMaths (Times Tables)

Designed by leading experts, and drawing on the adaptive learning engine of its big brother, DoodleTables doesn’t just test your child’s times tables – it teaches them, too.

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Teacher Toolkit

Try out our experimental app for creating and sharing lesson explanations for projection onto large classroom displays

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Teacher Connect

Download this app for a snapshot of classes/individual progress whilst on-the-go

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Parent Connect

Download this app for a snapshot of your children’s progress on-the-go

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